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2011 farewell party "let's graduate together!"

publish date : 2012-09-07
"Let's Graduate Together" Farewell Party was held on June 5th, 2012 for this year's graduates in the master programs, four-year and two-year bachelor programs. A musical theme represented each graduate's school experiences. A touching and tear-dropping chapter was thus displayed successfully.

President Hsieh gave his best wishes to all the graduates with "one" congratulations, "two" expectations and "three" must-dos. The first expectation, all graduates can pass the special police examination successfully. The second expectation, the future working performance of the graduates will make the school feel proud. The first "must-do", one must remember the school's discipline "country" "justice" "honor" and "honesty". The second "must-do", graduation is only the beginning of another step; every graduate must keep seeking his/her own profession and maintaining an attitude of lifelong-learning, so that one may be adequate for one's job. The third "must-do", one must be prepared because opportunity is only for people who are ready.

The most touching moments are the videos recorded by graduates' families. At the conclusion of the ceremony, President Hsieh led everyone to set off the balloons, and wished every graduate may pass the special police examination and fulfill all their dreams.
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