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Dr. Henry C. Lee made a speech in the 2013 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Academy of Forensic Sciences

publish date : 2014-01-03
In order to promote the exchange between science theory and practice of new technological knowledge, and elevate forensic scientific ability, Central Police University (CPU), Taiwan Academy of Forensic Sciences, Henry C. Lee Forensic Science Foundation and Rotary Club of Yenping Taipei together held the "2013 Forensic Science Seminar" on CPU campus, September 27, 2013.
Dr. Henry C. Lee, an internationally recognized forensic scientific expert, was invited to make a plenary speech of "Modern Trend of Investigational Technology". During the talk, Dr. Lee shared his experience of managing over 8000 cases in combination with learning and investigational reality. Dr. Lee analyzed the trend of future forensic science and stimulated the concept and knowledge of all participants in the field of technological investigation.
Dr. Lee mentioned that the forensic science was just in the early stage of development when he went to the U.S. Only little forensic science had been used in crime investigation. The forensic science in Taiwan has made a great progress in recent years and the goal for the future is to bring the lab to the crime scene but not to bring massive items back to the lab. The new-built College of Police Technology will be able to merge resources of various departments in the school. The direction to integration is what we have been pleased to expect.
There were 82 presenters in the meeting form CPU, National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, City University of Taipei and Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, etc. Crime investigation units included Criminal Investigation Bureau, local police bureaus, Investigation Bureau (Ministry of Justice), Institute of Forensic Medicine and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, etc. Other units like Taiwan High Court presented thesis about various kinds of forensic sciences combining learning and reality.
The Participants of the meeting including students and faculty from CPU and forensic scientists from Criminal Investigation Bureau, local police bureaus, Investigation Bureau, Institute of forensic medicine, Security team of ministry of defense, Ministry of military police, Taiwan High Court, Department and graduate institute of forensic medicine from college of medicine of National Taiwan University, an approximate number of 300 persons in total. They all considered the presented theses the newest knowledge of forensic science and have a great benefit for criminal forensic investigations. It may be applied to forensic investigations effectively and provide criminal investigation with strong and powerful evidences and decisive references.
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