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Results of the 35th "Si Zhong Wu Xiao" Tournament

publish date : 2014-01-03
The 35th "Si Zhong Wu Xiao" Tournament was hosted by Central Police University (CPU) this year. Due to space limitations, students Slow-pitch Softball games had been held early on October 12 in CPU sports field, and teacher’s golf tournaments was held in Chiang Gang golf club on October 18. Total 21 sports and events, including five events for teachers’ team and sixteen events for students’ team were held during October 19 and 20, 2013. Different than the past tournament, this year the duration was shortened into two days. Be doing so, participants could improve relationship between five schools, and effectively improve interaction between teachers and students.
CPU teachers and students participated total 22 competitions such as basketball and so on. All students, participating in these competitions, had shown the good spirit during the games. CPU was so proud of the student’s great game results.
Results of teacher’s team were list below:
The first place: badminton
The second place: basketball, men’s table tennis
The third place: golf
Results of teacher’s singles were list below:
one gold, one silver and two bronze medals. Chen Ying-lung, judo coach, won a bronze medal in the golf tournaments; Huang Zao-bei, section chief of Department of General Affairs, Lieutenant Juang Yue-zun and Lieutenant Yang Kai Lin, won the top three places in 3000m jogging.
Results of student’s team were list below:
The first place: debate competition in Mandarin, men’s taekwondo (fourteen-times consecutive championships), kendo scoring and challenging competition, men's 200m swimming freestyle relay, and 200m medley relay.
The second place: Chinese Chess, men’s swimming, women’s swimming, kendo scoring and challenging competition and soccer.
The third place: table tennis and badminton.
Results of student’s singles were list below:
Ten gold, eleven silver, and eight bronze medal.
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