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College Opening Ceremony and New Book Presentation Event

publish date : 2014-11-13
Central Police University held an opening ceremony for "College of Justice Administration" and "College of Police Science and Technology" and a new book presentation for "History of Justice Administration's Development in Taiwan".
Minister Lee Hong-yuan of Ministry of the Interior came to host the opening ceremony. Minister Lee, National Policy Advisor Yen Shih Hsi and President Hsieh cut the ribbon altogether for the event. President Hsieh gave the new published book "History of Justice Administration's Development in Taiwan" to Minister Lee as a present to express the gratitude for supporting CPU and police officers.
While hosting the opening ceremony, Minister Lee not only gave a positive appreciation to the professors and the experts who co-edited the new book but also pointed a bright direction in the future. Minister Lee said that the establishment of two colleges was just a start, to become the best disaster prevention center in Asia with the cooperation with National Taiwan University is the goal. Minister Lee emphasized that facing the fast-changing society and technology, the police research must catch up with the trends. Central Police University should cooperate with universities and enlarge the usage of "administration" and "technology" to make benefits to the society.
Book presentation of "The history of justice administration's development in Taiwan" was hosted by President Hsieh. Advisor Yen, former President of CPU and director general of National Police Administration, delivered a brief talk. Advisor Yen often provides suggestions for future developments to Police Work. He proposed the idea of the publishing the book in 2011 and invited President Hsieh to join. This idea has been supported by general advisor Wang Cho Chun. After three years of hard work, the book finally published under big supports from general advisor Wang and President Hsieh. Advisor Yen specially pointed out that problems of police education, personnel and operation have to be aggressively solved to meet the needs.
"The history of justice administration's development in Taiwan" offers the history since 1949. The book contains ten chapters : Organizations of Police, Police Education, Police Policies, Police Tasks, Police missions, Police Laws, Crime Prevention, Informational Technology and Backup Management. The book clearly points out some problems and features. The first problem is the frequent revolutions of police organizations. The second problem is frequent personnel change of police chiefs. The third problem is too much workload. The fourth problem is the operation system itself. The fifth is to keep raising police quality.
"The history of justice administration's development in Taiwan" collects the modern history of the police in our country by descripting the tracks of police developments in the past. It contains objective descriptions of both macro and micro aspects. This is valuable to the researchers. And furthermore, through predicting the future by reviewing the past, it becomes the important basis for future innovation, and leads to create brilliant future.
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