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"Teaching Symposium" for the First semester of 2014 academic year

publish date : 2014-11-13
The first semester of 2014 academic year's "Teaching Symposium" was held in CPU's research building on September 5th, 2014. 159 full-time and part-time teachers participated in this event.
The seminar was started with President Diao’s speech, which emphasized on the great significance of communication. President Diao also thanked every teacher for partaking in the seminar. Ever since the first holding of 2008 spring semester teaching seminar, this is the 12th symposium to accomplish a purpose of interacting and improving the overall quality of education. President Diao also expressed his regret regarding teachers of the Department of Maritime Police. He reminded all participants to keep such lesson in mind, and shall let such incidents not happening again.
Dean of Academic Affairs, Su Chih-Chiang, gave a briefing of the " police exam project review", and Dean of Student Affairs, Lin Tsan-Chang, explained the “advanced body technology teaching program ". The Personnel Office then illustrated on how to submit notification system of the Ministry of Education for censorship of college teachers"
Professor Lee Hong-Yuan who teaches in Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University was invited to give a speech about "coping and adaptation to climate change". Through Professor Lee‘s speech we started to know about climate changing, global warming and how we could use this land wisely? How do we re-examine our use and how should we cope with flooding? The problem is not in engineering techniques but in land planning. While facing unpredictable climate catastrophe, the most effective method is to prevent them fundamentally in Land Planning.
Land development planning is not only to exploit, distribute and use our land reasonably, it should also be a system covered by values, laws, operational practices and management. Nothing is more important than reversing the social value of the public, and if you do not change your way of thinking, then land rehabilitation would be impossible to achieve; thus, sustainable development would just be a meaningless term, and any concrete implementation of real action would not exist.
Professor Lee also explained basic concept of disaster management and prevention work, four must-dos and three taboos of being a commander. He hoped to build training and researching center of Asian Disaster through the “inter-institution joint disaster prevention system”, which was constructed by NTU and our school. At the end of the seminar, Professor Lee brought three sentences to the participant: to change sophisticated thinking, to look everything on its bright side and to jump out of the box.
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